Adult graphic novels popular at Sno-Isle

February 19, 2010

Robin Brenner of Earlyword just wrote about graphic novels for adult in libraries.

Brenner says:

“Some people feel that graphic novels are only for teens, but as the NYT list proves, the books that rise to the top are aimed at adults. Watchmen, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, V for Vendetta, and Sandman consistently appear on the list.  While each holds some appeal for older teens, they were crafted with adults squarely in mind.  The Walking Dead, FablesUmbrella Academy, and Y the Last Man achieve high ranking and consistently reappear when new volumes are published: adult territory all the way.  Over the course of the lists’s fifty weeks, only seven titles aimed at younger readers have made the hardcover or paperback lists. (The manga list, on the other hand, is steadily teen-oriented, which is a post for another day.)”

The rest is at

Sno-Isle owns all of the titles Brenner mentions.  I have been trying to buy popular titles as well as the “well-reviewed” books.  My heavy RINC requesters steadily ask for titles that are aimed at adults.  We also have many popular manga series in our adult collection including Nana, Red River and Wallflower.

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