New Adult Standing Order Fiction

February 16, 2010

New Adult Fiction Standing Order

February 16, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram

Listed by Author


Island Beneath the Sea: A Novel

Allende, Isabel

In novel where the setting moves from the sugar plantations of Saint-Domingue to the lavish parlors of New Orleans at the turn of the 19th century, an African slave and concubine is determined to claim her own destiny against impossible odds.


Deliver Us from Evil

Baldacci, David

Shadowy operative Shaw, from the author’s thriller The Whole Truth, and photojournalist Katie James are reunited in a deadly duel of nerve and wits against a surprising enemy, in a struggle that leads them around the world at a breakneck pace.


Executive Intent

Brown, Dale

Amid the growing threat of a space-arms race, China captures vital shipping lanes and threatens America’s navy, causing other nations to rush to take advantage of the United States’s eroding military advantage, and two American heroes must risk everything to restore America’s power around the world.


This Body of Death: An Inspector Lynley Novel

George, Elizabeth

On compassionate leave after the murder of his wife, Thomas Lynley is called back to Scotland Yard when the body of a woman is found stabbed and abandoned in an isolated London cemetery. His former team doesn’t trust the leadership of their new department chief, Isabelle Ardery, whose management style seems to rub everyone the wrong way. In fact, Lynley may be the sole person who can see beneath his superior officer’s hard-as-nails exterior to a hidden–and possibly attractive–vulnerability.


The God of the Hive: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes

King, Laurie R.

In the mesmerizing, powerful conclusion to the blockbuster hit “The Language of Bees,” Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are each on the trail of exposing a ruthless villain. Will being apart help them solve a devilishly difficult mystery, or make them easier targets?



Michaels, Fern

No Annotation @ this time.


Game Over

Michaels, Fern

The best-selling author of Deadly Deals and Vanishing Act has a new offering that her fans are sure to love.


The Lake Shore Limited

Miller, Sue

An insightful story examines how Wilhelmina “Billy” Gertz comes to write a play about the terrorist bombing of a train, how the work is then created anew by the actors and the director and how the performance itself touches and changes the other characters’ lives.


The 9th Judgment

Patterson, James / Paetro, Maxine

After an assailant guns down a mother and her infant at a shopping mall and a cat burglar kills the wife of an A-List actor, Lindsay Boxer and her partner Rich must pick up the pieces, but not before Lindsay’s feelings for Rich threaten her marriage and one of the killers forces Lindsay to put her life on the line.


Burning Lamp

Quick, Amanda

A second entry in a trilogy that began with Fired Up finds hallucination-prone crime lord Griffin Winters believing he has been struck with the Winters Curse and engaging in a dangerous psychic experiment with the mysterious Adelaide Pyne, who holds Nicholas Winters’s missing lamp.



Turow, Scott

In a follow-up to his #1 best-seller Presumed Innocent, the author presents the continuing story of Rusty Sabich, who now, 20 years after the events of the first novel, is a judge on an appellate court and must again try to exonerate himself when his wife is found dead.


Lucid Intervals: A Stone Barrington Novel

Woods, Stuart

After a former client, Herbie Fisher, waltzes into their favorite eatery with $14 million, claiming to have won the lottery and saying he needs a lawyer, Stone Barrington and ex-partner Dino also recognize the need for a bodyguard when a bullet crashes through the window.

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