new developments in Google’s Book Search settlement

February 5, 2010

though we haven’t talked about it in awhile, there’s been constant developments  regarding Google’s Book Search settlement.  yesterday, the Department of Justice threw a major wrench into Google’s plans.

In a 31-page filing that could influence a federal judge’s ruling on the settlement, the department said the new agreement was much improved from an earlier version. But it said the changes were not enough to placate concerns that the deal would grant Google a monopoly over millions of orphan works, meaning books whose right holders are unknown or cannot be found.

The department also indicated that the revised agreement, like its predecessor, appeared to run afoul of authors’ copyrights and was too broad in scope.

the hearing is set for February 18th.

the Authors Guild disagreed with the Justice Departments findings and issued a memo to its members.

We disagree with the Justice Department’s reading of the law….  In our view, it’s best for everyone that out-of-print library books be made available through reasonable, market-based means to readers, students and scholars.  Without a settlement, that won’t happen.  It’s also best that authors have direct control of the scans that Google has made, with the power to compel Google to hide, display or remove these scans.  Without a settlement, authors have no such control.

in November, the Association of Research Libraries along with ALA and ACRL continued their efforts to help librarians understand the Google settlement with an update to “A Guide for the Perplexed III: The Amended Google Book Search.”

the battle continues.

(via Shelf Awareness)

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