super easy: connect your laptop to the television

February 2, 2010

Way, way back in November,  I wrote about Internet enabled television, and promised to actually experiment with hooking up my laptop to our television.  However given my prodigious inclination to procrastinate that task fell to the bottom of my to do pile until now.

If you’ve got a newer HD television I highly recommend hooking up your laptop because it is so easy to do and such a great browsing experience. The process is ridiculously simple involving just a couple cables which you can get from Best Buy (Radio Shack probably has them too) and takes a couple minutes to do.

RGB cable

When you go to get the cables, Tech-Boy at the store is going to use spew initials out faster than the stock market ticker  HDMI, RGB, DVI and so forth.  You’ll need a RGB cable  and audio cable.  Once you get them home plug them into your laptop and television, then turn your television on and boot up your laptop.  Your television will then recognize your laptop as an video source.  Use your remote control to scroll through the video sources the way you do when you want to watch a DVD, only select RGB and your desktop should appear on the screen, and away you go.

Now you can watch Hulu, YouTube, view photos from Flickr or Picasa, or just browse the web.

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3 Responses to “super easy: connect your laptop to the television”

  1. siloak Says:

    You can do this even without an HDTV – as long as your TV is reasonably smart it can be set up as a monitor. The visual is a little jerky, but for those of us who have never had tv it’s just fine. Colbert…24…Ghosthunters…what more could we ask for? Mary C

  2. Joe Says:

    Depending on your TV, you can probably get better resolution using an HDMI cable, and HDMI carries audio as well as video, so you’ll only need the one cable if your laptop and TV have HDMI ports. Also check out HULU Desktop for an alternate means of delivering HULU content to your PC.

  3. Dawn Says:

    Can you do this with your iPod?

    Although truthfully, I have little hope of getting anything other than DVDs to work on my ancient TV. I can’t even get network television to work, even with an antenna from Radio Shack. Though that could be user error, too…

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