New Adult Non-Fiction 500-699

February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram

The $5 Dollar Dinner Mom Cookbook: 200 Recipes for Quick, Delicious, and Nourishing Meals That Are Easy on the Budget and a Snap to Prepare

Chase, Erin

A food-budget blogger provides an array of 200 recipes–including Lemon Dill Fish with Red Potatoes and Baked Chicken and Acorn Squash–each of which costs five dollars or less to feed a family of four, in a book with a price breakdown for each recipe, as well as savvy shopping tips.


Better Homes and Gardens the Ultimate Slow Cooker Book

Better Homes and Gardens Books (COR)

Features 400 slow-cooker recipes–including main dishes, appetizers, sides, desserts, breakfast and beverages–augmented by 200 full-color photos.


Cook Yourself Thin Faster: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With over 75 New Recipes You Can Make in a Flash!

Deen, Lauren / Sung, Evan (PHT)

Lifetime Television serves up a new set of healthy recipes, a tempting array of dishes that are quick and easy to prepare and will help readers realize their potential to be thin again.


Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual

Pollan, Michael

Presents a set of rules for eating wisely in accordance with a variety of ethnic and cultural traditions, sharing guidelines for making grocery choices and dining out.


The Kitchen Garden: Month by Month

Buckingham, Alan

In tune with the popular move toward fresh, local and homegrown food, a refreshing gardening guide aims to let the reader get the most from his or her garden and to help dramatically reduce the amount one spends on produce in the supermarket.


The Little Big Things: 179 Ways to Pursue Excellence at Work

Peters, Thomas J.

Offers a collection of business success tips that encourages a back-to-basics approach in order to learn to excel at the people side of business.


Marie Claire Gorgeous Face & Beautiful Body: A Guide to Total Skin Care

Milgram, Josette (CON) / Gleed, Kim Allen (TRN)

Outlines comprehensive holistic approaches to beauty care and fitness, drawing on expert recommendations from a broad range of disciplines to include coverage of skin care, exercise and therapeutic treatments.


The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat Well, Enjoy Life, Lose Weight

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (COR)

A simple healthy diet from a leading authority in health and nutrition is divided into two phases–“Lose It!”, where the readers can lose 6 to 10 pounds in two weeks, and “Live It!”, where readers learn how to keep the pounds off through healthy living–in a book that includes meal planners, recipes, exercise tips and more.


The Most Successful Small Business in the World: The Ten Principles

Gerber, Michael E.

Offers 10 critical steps–which every business should go through before it even opens its doors–that define the meaning of a company, teach business owners how to think about systems, train the people within a new business, acquire clients and much more.


The Power of Many: Values for Success in Business and in Life

Whitman, Meg / Hamilton, Joan O’C

Identifies 10 core values for living a successful life, in a personal account by a former eBay CEO that interweaves stories from her career and upbringing, in an account that includes coverage of such topics as personal accountability, confidence and idea sharing.


Sneaky Fitness: Fun, Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness into Your Child’s Everyday Life

Lapine, Missy Chase / Didio, Larysa

Provides parents with “sneaky strategies” for fitting more exercise and calorie-burning activities into their child’s daily routine, in a book that includes tips on specific toys and games that encourage exercise and healthy recipes for active kids.


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