BBYA list ends

January 28, 2010

Every January, YALSA publishes the Best Books for Young Adults (BBYA) list at ALA midwinter.  This year’s list will be the last.  The 15-member board of YALSA unanimously voted to restructure the organizations lists starting January 2011.  BBYA will no longer be around, but a new list called “Best Fiction for Young Adults” will begin.

School Library Journal posted in YALSA axes Venerable BBYA List many viewpoints on the end of the BBYA era.  Our own Teen Services Coordinator Dawn Rutherford is included in the article:

… [T]he new arrangement comes with lots of benefits: publishers can more easily promote their titles; authors will have experts to judge their books; small libraries will no longer feel overwhelmed by the massive BBYA list; middle school librarians won’t have to worry about the adult titles on the list; and YALSA members can talk about teen fiction and still have something resembling a social life.

via SLJ’s Extra Helping

posting by Lorraine


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