New Adult Non-Fiction 500-699

January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram



Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: 12 Simple Steps to Less Stress and More Success

Amen, Daniel G.

Counsels readers on how to tap the potential of the mind-body connection to improve overall health, outlining 18 strategies for such areas as improving willpower, decreasing stress and balancing hormones.

The Cook’s Herb Garden

Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)

A guide to growing one’s own supply of herbs for the home kitchen includes a catalog of 150 culinary herbs and their varieties; more than 30 recipes; step-by-step photos on how to plant, nurture, harvest and store; and flavor charts that list the best herbs to partner with popular ingredients.

The Decision Tree: How to Take Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine

Goetz, Thomas

Examines the recent advances in preventive medicine, from genomics to early detection, and how they are transforming health care, and advocates a new strategy for thinking about health, one that incorporates cutting-edge technology.

How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution

Kurpinski, Kyle / Johnson, Terry D.

A satirical guide to enduring a near future that will be inundated with bio-enhancements draws on actual and theoretical technologies to counsel readers on such strategies as eliminating unwanted genes and using viruses to make life better.

Knack Treehouses: A Step-by-step Guide to Designing & Building a Safe & Sound Structure

Levin, Lon / Jones, Allen Morris (EDT)

Part dreambook and part practical guide, Knack Treehouses takes the reader a big step closer to having a house in the treetops. Replete with 450 full-color photographs, it covers all there is to know about designing, building, and enjoying unique elevated dwellings—both for kids and for adults. It also includes extensive information on materials and building techniques, including tips on tree selection and evaluation. Specific plans are given for trunk treehouses, branch treehouses, and treehouses between two trees, with each plan including step-by-step instructions for safe construction.

Organic Gardening for the 21st Century: A Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers

Lincoln, Frances

In a comprehensive guide to organic gardening with more than 370 full-color photos, the author explains when to sow, plant and harvest; how to select regional varieties adapted to one’s climate; how to discourage pests while encouraging beneficial insects and birds; how to repurpose seeds from one’s own garden and much more.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America

Peterson, Roger Tory

Each book in this series covers all the different species of a particular type of plant or animal, providing hundreds of color illustrations and range maps so that both nature enthusiasts and backyard observers can easily identify a particular type of flora or fauna.

The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea

Hoare, Philip

Explores the troubled history of man and whale, traces the whale’s cultural history, and seeks to discover why these strange and beautiful animals continue to exert such a powerful grip on human imagination.

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