rumors abound

January 20, 2010

Apple Tablet rumors have run rampant for months.  but with a supposed unveiling January 27th and a ship date sometime in March, many are anxious to see if the tablet will unseat the Kindle and shake-up the ebook world.

With the new device, Apple wants to change the way consumers interact with a variety of content, these people [sources close to Apple] said. Textbooks and newspapers, for example, could be presented differently through color screens, a touch interface, and the integration of live up-to-the-minute information from multiple sources.

the price tag for this multi-purpose device?  in the range of $1000, yowza.  some are describing it as a mix between a Kindle and a Mac laptop.  in mid-January, a source revealed to Gizmodo that the new tablet is an “iPhone on steroids.”

mentioned in both The Wall Street Journal and Salon (an article worth a look) are the rumored talks between Apple and book publishers who are eager to broker a deal that is more favorable in terms of pricing than Amazon’s chokehold.

HarperCollins is expected to set the prices of the e-books, which would have added features, with Apple taking a percentage of sales. Details haven’t been ironed out.

it still remains to be seen if consumers are really interested in paying more than $9.99 for ebooks with enhanced content, not to mention the fact that publishers aren’t in any financial position to generate extras worth buying.

the unveiling will reveal if the Tablet is the platform solution to comic book, textbook, and travel guide digital reading that some envision.  says Andy Ihnatko, a comic book reader and technical writer and contributor to the Chicago Sun-Times, MacWorld and the CBS Early Show:

It’s going to be the first device that is a true color tablet computer, so we’re going to have those features that we desperately need on a comic book reader. We need good color. We need crisp displays. We need high resolution because of the digital coloring that’s going on these days.

titles may or may not be sold via the iTunes store.  all will be answered in a week.

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