New adult Non-Fiction 000-399

January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor & Ingram

Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness
Gore, Ariel
Explores the psychology of happiness in women, focusing particularly on whether an intelligent, empowered career woman can be happy in today’s modern world.
Let’s Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir
Caldwell, Gail
“A Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Strong West Wind traces her close friendship with the late fellow writer Caroline Knapp, describing their shared experiences with sobriety, a love of dogs and Caroline’s battle with cancer.”
Medieval Sieges & Siegecraft
Hindley, Geoffrey
A vivid reconstruction of siege warfare in the medieval world, with detailed descriptions of weapons and tactics.
This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly
Reinhart, Carmen M. / Rogoff, Kenneth S.
Examines financial crises of the past and discusses similarities between these events and the current crisis, presenting and comparing historical patterns in bank failures, inflation, debt, currency, housing, employment, and government spending.
Transformation: How to Change Everything
Phillips, Bill
Combining art, science, common sense, and the wisdom of life experience, a best-selling author and motivator offers insights into making significant, meaningful, and healthy changes for life through his 11 Transformation Tenets.
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One Response to “New adult Non-Fiction 000-399”

  1. Kathy S Says:

    Hooray for the book on Sieges and siegecraft! Always a favorite topic for boys studying that period

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