New Adult Fiction Standing Order

January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Annotations from Baker & Taylor or Ingram

Listed by Author

Death of a Valentine
Beaton, M. C.
Announcing his engagement to associate Josie McSween, police sergeant and once-confirmed bachelor Hamish Macbeth struggles with prenuptial jitters while investigating the murder of a woman whose complicated case introduced him to his fiancée.
Secrets of Eden
Bohjalian, Christopher A.
Haunted by the final words of a newly baptized congregation member who was subsequently murdered by her husband, the Reverend Stephen Drew abandons his pulpit to spend time with an author who writes best-selling books about angels.
Clark, Carol Higgins
No annotation @ this time.
The Shadow of Your Smile
Clark, Mary Higgins
No annotation @ this time.
The Silent Sea
Cussler, Clive / Du Brul, Jack B.
Exploring a small island off the Washington State coast in 1941, five brothers make an astonishing discovery that is interrupted by the attack on Pearl Harbor and has ramifications for Cabrillo’s present-day investigation into a crashed satellite in the Argentine jungle.
The Alpine Vengeance
Daheim, Mary
No Annotation @ this time.
Loco Motive: A Bed-and-breakfast Mystery
Daheim, Mary
Reluctantly accompanying her cousin Renie on a cross-country train trip to Boston, Judith McMonigle Flynn is disgusted by the antics of daredevil and fellow passenger Wee Willie Weevil, whose untimely death following the train’s collision with a truck identifies the work of a murderer.
Hell Gate
Fairstein, Linda A.
Investigating two cases including a human trafficking shipwreck and a New York congressman’s sex scandal, Alexandra Cooper discovers a common clue that links both cases and puts her life in danger.
Coming of the Storm: Book One of Contact: the Battle for America
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal / Gear, Michael
A first entry in a new series by the Golden Spur Award-winning authors of People of the Raven traces the first contact between Native Americans and Europeans in 1539 as viewed by Chickasaw trader Black Shell, who witnesses the brutal progress of Hernando de Soto’s military.
The Black Cat: A Richard Jury Mystery
Grimes, Martha
No annotation @ this time.
Hamilton, Laurell K.
Anita Blake meets with a possible client, Tony Bennington, who wishes Anita to use her skills as a necromancer to reanimate his recently deceased wife.
Kellerman, Jonathan
Detective Milo Sturgis and investigator Alex Delaware tackle the case of a murdered teacher who before her death made a chilling DVD describing the sexual trauma she was suffering at the hands of three fellow teachers at her prestigious Los Angeles school.
Catalyst: A Tale of the Barque Cats
McCaffrey, Anne / Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann
In a universe in which space-faring humans are aided by remarkable telepathic cats, a government edict to control a health threat by impounding and destroying animals throughout the galaxy threatens the survival of these invaluable felines.
The Double Comfort Safari Club: The New No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Novel
McCall Smith, Alexander
When the two ladies of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency arrive at the Okavango Delta, their eyes are opened, as if for the first time, to the natural beauty of their homeland.  But they can’t help being drawn into a world filled with other wildlife: rival safari operators, discontented guides, grumpy hippopotamuses. On top of that, the date has still not been set for Mma Makutsi and Phuti Radiphuti’s wedding, and it’s safe to say that Mma Makutsi is beginning to grow a bit impatient. And to top it all off, the impossible has happened: one of Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni’s apprentices has gotten married. . . . Of course none of this defeats the indomitable Precious Ramotswe. Good sense, kindness, and copious quantities of red bush tea carry the day.
Worst Case
Patterson, James / Ledwidge, Michael
Investigating a kidnapper who is murdering the children of wealthy New York families, Detective Michael Bennett and FBI agent Emily Parker discover that the killer has hatched an elaborate plot to decimate the entire city.
The Sheen on the Silk
Perry, Anne
In a tale set in 13th-century Constantinople at the brink of a Christian crusade, Anastasius disguises herself as a eunuch to prove her brother’s innocence of a crime he did not commit, an effort that takes her from humble neighborhoods to the palace of the emperor. By the best-selling author of Execution Dock.
A River in the Sky
Peters, Elizabeth
No annotation @ this time.
House Rules
Picoult, Jodi
Unable to express himself socially but possessing a savant-like knack for investigating crimes, a teenage boy with Asperser’s Syndrome is wrongly accused of killing his tutor when the police mistake his autistic tics for guilty behavior.
Robards, Karen
When her firm unexpectedly goes bankrupt, Kentucky lawyer Lisa Shewmaker has her hopes for a prestigious legal career dashed when she must take a job as an assistant to an infuriating district attorney, where she investigates a cold case involving a victim who could be her double.
Think Twice
Scottoline, Lisa
After her evil twin sister, Alice, drugs her, leaves her for dead and steals her life, Bennie must convince everyone she’s ever cared about that she is the real Bennie, and not the deranged twin, all the while facing the shocking truth that she just may be more like Alice than she ever realized.
A Night Too Dark
Stabenow, Dana
When a man believed to have committed suicide reappears from the wilderness, Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak and Trooper Jim Chopin struggle to identify the remains of a mysterious victim, a case that is complicated by political factors at the local gold mine.
Big Girl
Steel, Danielle
After her sister gets engaged to a carbon copy of her narcissistic father, plus-size woman Victoria Dawson, who has fled L.A. for less-body-conscious New York City, must learn to love herself for who she is if she is ever going to get on with her life.
A Dark Matter
Straub, Peter
Years after a 1960s religious guru’s clandestine activities with his most fervent acolytes results in a grisly murder, a man struggles to make sense of what happened to his wife and friends by writing a book for which he asks former followers to relive their experiences.
Brava, Valentine
Trigiani, Adriana
When Valentine Roncalli discovers a long lost shoe design, a family secret unravels that helps her take control of the company from a conniving relative, but first she seeks the counsel, and more, of her ex-fiancée, Bret Fitzpatrick, to help re-boot the business while she pursues a hot romance with a handsome Italian from her past.
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