trust me, this eReader looks way cool

January 7, 2010

not to be confused with Brio makers of wooden toys.


To put it mildly eReaders are the big thing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.  And the one getting  some well deserved  buzz today is called Blio.

Blio is different from other eReaders in that it is designed to work across platforms (PC, iPod, iPhone) rather than a single reader like say Kindle, Nook, or Sony.

Blio was developed by KNFB Reading Technologies, whose most notable developer is Ray Kurzweil.

I could describe all the features and how they compare against other eReaders, but its really easier and much more compelling to watch this video demo at CES provided by engadget.  Blio is partnering with Baker & Taylor so look for more information at ALA midwinter.

More about Ray Kurzweil

Inventions and career summary

Predictions about the future (The Singularity is near)

Rolling Stone article by David Kushner
“When Man & Machine Merge

Meet Ray Kurzweil, prophet of the techno rapture. By 2045, he says, computers will surpass us in intelligence, the universe itself will become conscious, and humans will live forever.”  more

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4 Responses to “trust me, this eReader looks way cool”

  1. david Says:

    Sears and Visa are already conspiring to make me live forever — or until I pay off my bills, whichever comes first.

  2. siloak Says:

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and was surprised at how little I wanted it. Sending it back – getting a decent phone instead. Why pay for books when you can get them free at the library? MC

  3. jenny Says:

    Looking forward to downloading books for the kids for those long drives. Thanks for the info – this is pretty exciting!

  4. Nathan H. Says:

    saw the demo at a B&T vendor fair. Definitely adds something new to the growing e-book market. Was pleasantly surprised.

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