John Green on the Future of Reading

January 7, 2010

Teen author John Green presents his ideas on what the future will bring to all of us in The Future of Reading: Don’t worry.  It might be better than you think (SLJ).

He states:

We will not stop the march of change in publishing or in reading. But I believe that school and children’s librarians will have a great deal of say in the shape of that change—more say, in fact, than anyone else: your choices will guide us as publishers stumble, as bookstores struggle, as the reading public becomes too bewildered to know what they want, and as authors—like always—do whatever you tell us to do.

via PW Children’s Bookshelf

posting by Lorraine


2 Responses to “John Green on the Future of Reading”

  1. Jim McCluskey Says:

    a friend just tweeted about this article not more than an hour ago.

  2. myounker Says:

    i’ve been thinking a lot about this since i read green’s article yesterday (nerd alert, nerd alert). though i don’t have the magic solution for the publishing industry, i do know that libraries and librarians cannot take the place of editors and publishing houses in the face of crumbling publishers and rising p.o.d. numbers. part of what we depend on in libraries is the role of the publisher in vetting out what should and shouldn’t be published. with the rise of vanity publishing, who is going to do that? and if established and/or legitimate (meaning edited) authors are going to choose the self-publishing route ala cory doctorow (which i see the point of), how are we in this profession going to distinguish the wheat from the chaff? makes my head hurt.

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