Influential books of the decade

December 30, 2009

The Chicago Tribune posted their list of the ten most influential books of the decade: Oprah’s book club dominates the decade.  The first decade of the century showed the power of a TV talk-show host to”shape our collective taste in books.”

There were other interesting trends in the last 10 years: the fake memoir, the zombie craze, the rise of the graphic novel as a legitimate literary form. But to me, nothing quite matched the recognition that unfolded throughout the decade of the astonishing cultural force of Winfrey’s book club — when she ends her show, that will be the biggest loss by far — and how some authors, no matter how sophisticated they think they are, lack the grace and good manners to say thank you for the most exquisite gift of all: readers.

The book list includes Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Twilight, The  Da Vinci Code and Wintergirls.

What books influenced your life in the last ten years?

via Bookshelves of Doom

posting by Lorraine


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