it makes for good television

December 4, 2009

even if some of the points don’t really make all that much sense.

Sherman Alexie appeared on the Colbert Report the other evening to promote his new book, and to rant against the evils of digitalization of books.    Mr. Alexie has been outspoken in his dislike of digital books which he believes are  elitist because of the high price of eReaders (hard to argue with him there).  His latest book, “War Dances” like all his other works won’t be available in digital format.

Alexie believes that digital books will make the independent bookstore go the way of the dodo, and that they make people lose jobs.  While digital books possibly could contribute to the end of the indie bookstore, it’s more likely that the big box stores Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Target would have a much more immediate, and larger impact than widespread digitalization of books read on eReaders which is probably years away.

He also lamented the end of the author book tour, and described the localized appreciation for the book as being gone.  Not sure what he was means here, but a quick search on the Third Place Books website makes it appear that author events are still thriving, and judging from the dozens of book discussion group meetings hosted at the library, it would seem that at least around here we’re still in love with books.

It’s unfair to pick on Mr. Alexie too much for a 6 minute interview on the Colbert Report, which is just as much about getting off a few one liners, as making a point but if you want to dig into his feelings about digital books he’s written about them on his blog.

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One Response to “it makes for good television”

  1. Anne Says:

    Hmmm. Maybe if his rates were not quite so high, he might see that there is a big market for author book tours…

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