internet enabled television … big whoop.

November 30, 2009

Have you ever connected your computer to your television?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to call you and ask for help about which cable and what port, and so forth.  Over Thanksgiving a friend mentioned that he watches hulu through his tv all the time, and that he loves it, and might even drop his cable because it’s working so well for him.  This morning NPR featured a story about new internet enabled televisions that allow you to ‘surf’ the web using your remote control.  All this has me rubbing my chin, and saying…hmmmmm, I wonder if….

I’m not at all interested in surfing the web using my remote control especially since the content is pretty limited.  Basically your intenet tv comes installed with a series of widgets, (youtube, facebook, flickr,  twitter) that you click on to access via your set.  

Twitter on my television, really?  Are they serious?  What could be more boring than reading my twitter feed on my television, and not being able to click on the link, reply to a friend, or send a tweet.  Besides the fact that no one needs a 42 inch HDTV to read something like this. 

But I am interested in full access to the web via my tv to surf for tv content I can’t get elsewhere, like say that football game that is blacked out in my local area, but that is available in another market.  I may just have to try this out, and report back to you.

In the meantime, do any of you connect to the web via your television.  How, and why?



5 Responses to “internet enabled television … big whoop.”

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  2. Michael Says:

    No, just the opposite (and frankly I’m with you – I can’t imagine wanting to look at Twitter feeds on the television). Like your friend, we’ve given up cable, and turned to a fast speed connection at home. Most major networks offer their newest content and archives via the web. The fast speed connection gives you HD quality signal, decent enough for a big screen. I pretty much access most media (radio, newspapers, etc.) on the web too. The ability to listen/read whenever instead of being tied to a broadcast schedule is a real plus. They still sell ad space online, so thus far they aren’t charging for content, but you have to wonder how long that model can sustain itself. And you just know if Comcast buys NBC, they’ll figure out a way to change the direction things are currently headed

  3. Joe Says:

    For awhile, I was watching The Colbert Report and The Daily Show online. Every commercial break would show the same commercial, so each week I’d end up seeing that same damn commercial 40-50 times. I still have nightmares of Gene Simmons hawking Dr. Pepper Cherry (it has a “Kiss” of cherry flavor). Now I use Windows 7 as a DVR and I can skip the commercials.

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