a throw-back

August 7, 2009

sent in for review is this lovely “contemporary” romance, “Hope to the Rescue” by Diane Petit, 1994.  it’s part of the “Avalon Career Romance” series.  if you were hoping to check out this gem, too late.

Hope to the Rescue

posting by marin


4 Responses to “a throw-back”

  1. David Says:

    When I was weeding a teen collection a few years back, I found a pre-Friends Courtney Cox posing as the cover model. (Did I think to snag that collectible? Heck no.)

  2. myounker Says:

    too bad on that retirement fund, ha.

  3. Jim McCluskey Says:

    She totally has the Emergency! tv show look to her. “Give me 1000 cc’s of Ringers Lactate, stat!”

  4. Lesla Says:

    Okay, phew, that’s not one I sent in!

    If it hasn’t been mentioned before, I think you’d dig the Awful Library Books blog: http://awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com/

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