controversy a brewin’

May 4, 2009

there were a couple of news items last week that might’ve caught your attention:

Amazon acquired Lexcycle, a company best known for its iPhone application for reading e-books, Stanza.  Lexcycle conforms to the e-pub format developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum which is not platform specific.  of course, the purchase resulted in immediate concern and speculation about the monopoly that is Amazon with its own competing Kindle version of an iPhone app.  for additional, unfettered commentary with insightful links, head over to Dear Author.

(via Publisher’s Weekly)

Google’s attempts at scanning books to provide full-text access online through their BookSearch service is, not surprisingly, receiving continued resistance from the Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers as a violation of copyright.  now stepping in is the U.S. Justice Department to examine these claims in terms of possible antitrust violations.  the deadline for authors and authors’ estates to opt out of the book scanning was extended as well in a separate court decision.  Google and proponents of the practice argue that it will provide access to out-of-print titles and will benefit authors and publishers.  as usual, Dear Author provides a useful summary of the history of the developments and legal action.

(via Shelf Awareness)

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  1. […] · Leave a Comment there is still squabbling over the Google BookSearch deal first mentioned here.  it seems that the librarians have entered the fray, complete with Time magazine coverage, […]

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