the robot voice of the Kindle 2

February 18, 2009

the upcoming release of the new Kindle includes an automated voice capable of reading along with text.  the Authors Guild claims that the Text-to-Speech function is a violation of audio rights which haven’t been obtained by Amazon who obviously disagrees.  Andrew Herdener, spokesperson for Amazon, explains the distinction as such “Is it illegal to read a book out loud to yourself? Is it the case that one is only allowed to legally read if one does so silently? When you listen to yourself read out loud, you’re not performing—you’d need an audience for that—and you’re not making a copy.”

on the flip side, the National Federation for the Blind is a big supporter of the Text-to-Speech feature of the Kindle 2, specifically addressing the Authors Guild claims in their statement.

the Kindle, a product that sparks discussion and debate.

posting by marin


4 Responses to “the robot voice of the Kindle 2”

  1. david Says:

    Umm, does this mean Stephen Hawking can’t legally record his own book on CD (or anyone’s, for that matter)?

  2. myounker Says:

    for some, the robot voice would be preferable!

  3. Joe Says:

    the Kindle’s main selling point for me is it’s text-to-specch feature

  4. […] days later, Amazon reversed its previous position, leaving it up to publishers and authors to decide if the audio function of the Kindle 2 will be […]

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