top of their game…

October 2, 2008

at least when it comes to money.  Forbes released a list of the world’s authors who are making bank.  Jane at Dear Author raises an interesting question: “If so many more women read than men, why are men selling the most books?”  i suspect that are several reasons to this and some that i can’t think of: romance books (obviously, not all that women read, but the biggest selling genre) are often mass market paperback which pulls in less dollars than hardbacks; many of the male authors making the list have reached beyond publishing and have a hand in movies and t.v. which certainly raises their income.  two of the three female authors on the list have done just that, Rowling and Steele (i don’t think Evanovich has sold the rights on her Plum or Dallas series).  why isn’t Nora Roberts on this list?!


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