Jon Stewart beats Oprah!

June 19, 2008

despite typos and a lack of information regarding the demographics of respondents and full methodology (apparently not made public), Random House commissioned an online survey of readers that is worth a quick read.  a couple of questions not asked: do you prefer to buy online or at a brick and mortar store (sort of implied by the question of “Where do you most often buy books,” pg. 4, in which online is at 43%) and if 62% of respondents are browsing online without a specific book in mind, pg. 7, what guides them?  also, if the most sold genre is romance and only 7% of respondents are buying this genre online, pg. 5, does that mean that most are buying at brick and mortar, getting them from the library, e-book viewing, or….?  not quite sure what the “with passport” and “without passport” distinction means, pg. 9, perhaps a reference to citizenship?  the reference to “residents of planet earth,” pg. 9, made me question the authenticity of the survey, but it does seem to be legit.  via Dear Author.


One Response to “Jon Stewart beats Oprah!”

  1. David Says:

    I wonder if Stephen Colbert just got lumped in with Jon Stewart’s numbers?

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